Loeb Law Firm maintains a thriving transportation practice that vigorously defends drivers, freightliners, motor carriers, trucking manufacturers as well as their insurers against personal injury, property damage and other claims brought throughout the region. Our attorneys are highly skilled in both the investigation and evaluation processes that are unique to the trucking and transportation industry. If an emergency arises, we are able to quickly deploy our Rapid Response Team to an accident scene to meticulously investigate, catalog and preserve evidence on site.

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Experience Defending Complex Trucking & Transportation Claims

Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with a wide variety of trucking and transportation claims, including:

  • Personal Injury
  • Cargo & Freight Claims
  • Contract Preparation, Review & Negotiation
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Interstate Commerce
  • Damage to Goods During Transit
  • Regulatory or Administrative Matters
  • Transfer of Goods Claims relating to the Transportation, Handling, Spilling, Release, Emission or Disposal of Hazardous Materials

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