Loeb Law Firm understands that municipal litigation presents a unique set of challenges.  Representing government entities, at the local, state or federal levels, requires an extensive knowledge of the practical and formal processes of government.

Our attorneys at Loeb Law Firm understand this landscape better than most.  Public sector clients appreciate that we are “up to speed” on the most recent changes regarding those laws affecting public agencies.  Private sector clients appreciate our experience interacting with public officials and government staff.  When diplomacy is required, the utmost care is given to sensitive issues and, when a more direct approach is available, we take it. 

Trusted Counsel & Legal Protection

We routinely handle claims including:

  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Breach of Medical Privacy
  • Defamation Claims
  • Employment Litigation (Discrimination, Disability Accommodations, Sexual Harassment & Wrongful Termination)
  • Enforcement Officials
  • Environmental Litigation Claims
  • Expropriation & Condemnation
  • Intergovernmental Disputes
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Personal Injury Claims & Premises Liability

Experience when it Counts

The attorneys at Loeb Law Firm also represent cities, towns and parishes throughout Louisiana. We advise municipalities through each stage of litigation, including:

  • Pretrial Negotiation
  • Mediation & Arbitration
  • Settlement Conferences
  • Trial Proceedings

  • Appeals in State and Federal Courts

Our firm’s services extend beyond the courtroom, where many cases are won thanks to our proactive problem-solving and initial investigation. Many more are settled without litigation because of our ability to skillfully negotiate matters.

Contact Our Attorneys

For legal advice regarding governmental matters, contact us or give us a call at 985-778-0220 today to schedule your consultation. Our attorneys will take the time to understand your needs and evaluate your options available to you to quickly resolve your case. We look forward to speaking with you.

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Fill out the form below describing the details of your case, and we will get back with you.

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