Energy, Oil & Gas

In the Gulf South, oil, gas and pipelines represent a large part of the economy, but energy transactions involve more than just oil.  Alternative energy including solar, wind and hydroelectric power are a growing part of the industry and each represents its own regulatory challenge.  Loeb Law Firm represents clients inside the industry and those on the outside, looking in.

Our energy law attorneys are recognized both locally and nationally for our expertise in energy, oil and gas matters.

Recognized Locally & Nationally for our Expertise with Energy, Oil & Gas Matters

The firm’s success in the field of energy, oil and gas has led to recognition on both a national and local level. Our attorneys deliver exceptional legal services to our clients for the following matters:

  • Alternative Energy & Regulatory Disputes
  • Coastal Conservation & Environmental Quality
  • Drafting & Negotiating Contracts & Disputes relating to the same
  • Exploration Agreements
  • Farm-Out Agreements
  • Landowner Disputes
  • Lease Disputes

  • Natural Resource Litigation

  • Operational Agreements

  • Pipeline Projects & Litigation

  • Production Purchase & Sale Agreements

  • Title & Royalty Claims Disputes

Whether you are facing complex litigation or resolution through mediation, our team can provide the trusted counsel and legal protection that you deserve.  In the politically-charged and ever-changing field of energy, Loeb Law Firm prides itself in providing “Simple Solutions to Complex Matters.”

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