Nicole and Scott Loeb of Loeb Law Firm
Nicole Songy Loeb and Jeffrey Scott Loeb


Since our inception in 2009, Loeb Law Firm has grown in size and scope to become one of the largest law firms in the area. We have close ties to many types of businesses and industries, and our attorneys are heralded for their experience in several practice areas and philanthropic involvement in the community. From the courtroom to the boardroom, Loeb Law Firm provides “Simple Solutions to Complex Matters.”

Our Commitment

We are zealous advocates for our clients and committed to:

  Providing the most cost-effective, innovative solutions possible

  Being flexible, creative and responsive

  Finding the best resources for each case

  Utilizing technology to create efficiencies

  Building a relationship of trust

  Simplifying the approach to challenging situations

At Loeb Law Firm, It’s Different

Irrespective of the size of a client, we work with the specific needs of each client in mind, focusing on achieving their goal in the most efficient manner. To this end, our attorneys pride themselves in providing “out of the box” analysis and solutions to complex legal issues. For example, we employ engineers on site who can provide valuable expertise at a fraction of the cost of bringing in outside consultants. We also have a dedicated team of in-house medical professionals, including a physician and nurse, eliminating the need for expensive outside consulting fees in medical related cases.

We also jump in at the very beginning of the process, working collaboratively with the client to map out the most effective strategy. This important planning can really save time and effectively contain costs.


Women have excelled at Loeb Law Firm. In addition to having been co-founded by a woman, today approximately 50% of LLF employees are female. At Loeb Law Firm, we believe that our clients receive better legal representation through the efforts of a diverse group of attorneys with different viewpoints, skill sets and cultural backgrounds.


Loeb Law Firm proudly supports the community we are a part of through civic, charitable and cultural involvement. On an individual level, many LLF attorneys donate their time and efforts
to the betterment of their communities.